Irish milliner and jewellery designer Emily-Jean O’Byrne has been creating striking collections for the last ten years for both the hat couture and bridal market. Her creations range from stunning hats, to headpieces, tiaras, combs and ready-to-wear jewellery. Based in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland, she opened her boutique in the historic heart of the city in 2007.

Emily Jean’s background and experience has defined her signature hat couture style, highlighting a passion for working with diverse materials and embellishing her designs with jewels, crystals and handmade brooches. At the core of all of her designs is a sense of femininity, expressed using a wide variety silks, satins, plumes, quills and ribbons, evident throughout the range.

Emily Jean’s passion for design began from an early age and as a young teenager she created her own jewellery and accessories. She quickly recognised her passion, studying Art & Design at University and following this she trained in Jewellery Design, Silversmithing and Gemology. Emily Jean then began to establish herself in the bridal market, designing a jewellery range featuring tiaras, headpieces and combs, as well as a ready to wear collection of earrings, bracelets and necklaces. She soon recognised the demand from her clients for headpieces both in bridal wear and for mother of the bride and undertook formal training to become a milliner.

She studied millinery at the London College of Fashion, where her jewellery and design background offered her the ideal skills required to craft intricate designs. It wasn’t long before Emily Jean began to combine both elements of her training to develop her own signature style in millinery. Later Emily Jean went on to train in London with renowned milliners Louis Mariette and Dillon Wallwork, before going to Paris to work at Maison Michel, the official millinery house of Chanel.

When Emily Jean started out designing hats her philosophy was simple, to design high quality, stylish, feminine headwear that would always complement the wearer. Working with her clients over many years, she understands the challenge that people face when trying to find the ideal hat. During consultations her design expertise has helped her clients choose the most appropriate hat for the occasion, which accentuates their features, seamlessly compliments an outfit and creates the right impression. Choosing the right shape and style to suit the individual, she has proven that anyone can wear a hat and look great!